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 Check who's IPs is connected to you

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PostSubject: Check who's IPs is connected to you   Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:53 am

Check who's IPs is connected to you

All you have to do is:

- open notepad
- copy the code below


@color 09
@netstat -n

- save as getip.cmd
- move it to the desktop (or anywhere that catches your fancy)
- double-click on it to see the current TCP connections made to your PC!

change the netstat -n (the -n displays the info as numerical data) to netstat -a which will show all connections and listening ports. Also, putting a number in between the netstat and the -a will update at that interval. For instance, netstat 1 -a will update the info every 1 second, netstat 5 -a will update every 5 seconds and so on... If you don't want to use the -a option, you can still use the update interval with the -n option (example: netstat 5 -n)

You can also use these switches
netstat -a (display all active TCp connections and their ports)
netstat -e (displays ethernet stats)
netstat -n (displays active TCP connections)
netstat -s (displays statistics by protocol)
netstat -p protocol (shows connections for the protocol specified eg tcp, udp, tcpv6 or udpv6)
netstat -r (displays contents of the IP routing table)

The color command is followed by 2 hexadecimals, i think the first is text color and the 2nd is background color (or vice versa)

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Check who's IPs is connected to you
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